About Me

I'm Christine.  I love everything about the fifties, and I wish I could time travel to check it all out and see what it was really like.  I know that I love God, I love my family, I love cooking, and I love a clean house (even if I don't actually like cleaning it).  I share that in common with many of my fifties foremothers, so I'm trying to figure out how they lived and give it a shot.  I'm incredibly conservative, so a lot of my liberal friends like to laugh at me (hey there, Bri!).  I like to laugh at them too, though, so we have a lot of fun.  Life's too short to spend it any way other than laughing.  I hope you enjoy this blog!

P.S.  Here is a "Vintage" pic that one of my friends took of me for a photography project.  It was supposed to be thirties-esque, but if you squint a little and pretend that Elvis Presley is playing on that radio pictured, I think it could maybe be fifties.  :-)

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  1. So glad to have found your blog, we are so much alike!